Letters to the Editor


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English Dpt.
Main Campus
For more information contact Lorraine Hicks, 973-684-5718

Letters to the Editor

Do you have some pressing issue you wish to write about? VISIONS is the perfect outlet for students to voice their thoughts about current events, on and off campus. By submitting a letter to the Editor-in-Chief, your letter might just get published in our next issue.

To submit a letter to VISIONS, please follow these guidelines:

  • Letters must include the name and phone number of the author to verify authenticity
  • If your letters includes interviews, make sure to include the interviewee’s name, age, and major
  • Letters must be size 12, Times New Roman font
  • Letters should be 500 – 700 words
  • Letters are to be sent with a .doc file format
  • Pictures are to be sent as a .jpeg file
  • Letters are to be objective
  • Please submit letters typed by email to visions@pccc.edu
  • You must have your letter copied on a flash drive, or on an external storage device readily available.

VISIONS reserves the right to edit letters for grammar, spelling, and space considerations.

Article Submission

If you don’t have an opinion and wish to publish your article in the newspaper, follow the guidelines for submission above.

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