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The Panther Vision

Room A147,
English Dept.
Main Campus
For more information contact
Dr. Christine Redman-Waldeyer,
Associate Professor of English

Staff Positions - Descriptions

The Editor-in-Chief heads the entire publication. This role may involve more staff management and business duties than editorial ones. The Editor-in-Chief’s roles includes managing the editorial team and dealing with those difficult decisions of journalism ethics and integrity. 
Managing Editor
The managing editor is like the “quarterback” of the magazine’s editorial activities and content. He/she generally reports to the Editor-in-Chief while managing the rest of the editorial and writing team. The managing editor’s duties may consist of assigning stories, overseeing each section of the publication, staff hiring, writing, editing, enforcing deadlines and more.
Associate Editor
An associate editor generally assists the managing or other senior level editors with writing, editing and other important roles. He/she may also help with story selection and be responsible for sifting through the masses of pitches the publication receives.
Staff Reporters
Are responsible for covering campus news and targeting topics important to college life.
Staff Photographers
Photographers will take photos of events requiring coverage. They are also responsible for the captions and/or blurbs that accompany their photos; this includes acquiring the names of those photographed. Photographers have the option of creating a “photo gallery” in the newspaper that relates to the student body and the college itself. Photographers will also be trained to layout the “Artist Spotlight” page.

The Panther Vision Current Staff 

Ashely Diaz
Managing Editors
Katherine Avila
Alyssa Taylor
Miguel Ruiz
Staff Reporters
Aldana Cerrate
Jonathan Fana
Kelly Franco
Martina Frasca
Rayah Hammad
Edwin Nava


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