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Ads Rate Card
Circulation: 1,000 copies
Audience: 13,000
Frequency: 8 issues each academic year: 4 each semester

VISIONS is published the first week of the month. Deadline for submitting ads is the 15th of the prior month. An online PDF version is published simultaneously at The paper is distributed free on our Paterson, Passaic, Wanaque, and Wayne, N.J. campuses

Specifications: Digital formats accepted only. Sizes are in inches.

 AD Size
Black & White
Full page 10"x 16" $368.00 $433.00
Half page 10"x 8" $208.00 $258.00
Quarter page 5.5"x 7" $112.00 $147.00
Eighth Page 3"x 5" $48.00 $68.00
Business Card 4.5"x 2" $32.00 $37.00
Passaic County Community College’s policy on returned checks applies to all returned checks from our advertisers. A $40 fee will be assessed and the balance will be expected to be paid in full at the earliest opportunity.


PROHIBITED CONTENT AND IMAGES: ads of counterfeit goods; dangerous products or services that cause damage, harm, or injury; products or services that enable dishonest behavior such as academic cheating services, fake or false documents, etc.; offensive or inappropriate content and images that is associated with gambling, smoking, beer, alcohol, illicit drugs; hatred, derogatory language, violence, harassment, racism; sexual, religious, and political intolerance; etc.

IDENTIFICATION: All advertising must carry identification of the sponsor or sponsoring organizations.

INSERTS AND CLASSIFIEDS: Inserts, free standing inserts, and classifieds are not permitted.

PLACEMENT: Visions cannot guarantee the position of any ad within the newspaper.

PUBLICATION: The publication date is the 15th of every month. Ads must be received no less than 18 days before publication date.

SUBMIT YOUR AD: Ads must be submitted by email to as press-quality PDF files or high resolution image files (.jpg or .jpeg). Include “Advertising Inquiry” in the subject line.

PAYMENT: Checks MUST be sent after the publication date. Checks are made out to Passaic County Community College.

REFUNDS: Claims alleging damages because of an error in an ad must be made not more than eight days after the publication date. All requests for refund must be made in writing.

Contact Info:
Christine Redman-Waldeyer
Faculty Advisor
Office: 973-684-6086
Email: /


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