Admissions Process - TRIO

To apply to the TRiO Student Support Services Program, you must submit a completed Application Package. The following documents form the Application Package:

  1. Complete Admission Application
  2. Income Verification (one of the following)
    a. Signed copy of your federal income tax TRANSCRIPT (form 1040) if you are an independent and/or a Veteran Affairs recipient under the age of 24.
    b. Signed copy of your parent’s/spouse’s (or other person who claims you) federal income tax TRANSCRIPT (form 1040) if you are a dependent recipient and/or under the age of 24.

    c. If you/parents did not file income taxes, you must complete and submit an Income Verification Form along with supporting documentation from EDD, Social Services, Unemployment, Office on Disability, AFDC, etc.
  3. Copy of Social Security Card
  4. Proof of Citizenship/Legal Residence

    a. If you checked “Permanent Resident” - submit a copy of your resident/alien card
    b. If you checked “Other”- submit copies of your supporting documentation
  5. Proof of Disability
    In order to obtain proof of disability, please contact the Office of Disabilities Services (ODS) at 973-684-6178, in the Center for Student Success on the Main Campus.
  6. Required Written Essay
    A writing sample is required in your Application Package. Please see the Essay Guidelines for more information.


Please mail your completed Application Package to:

Paterson, NJ. 07505

ATTN: TRiO / Student Support Services

For more information:

Phone 973-684-6334
Fax 973-684-5843