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Student Support Services - TRIO


The mission of Student Support Services (SSS) at Passaic County Community College is to increase the academic achievement, retention, and graduation rates of first-generation, limited-income students, and students with disabilities.

Our staff is dedicated to providing a broad base of quality services with a focused holistic approach and student-centered learning environment. At SSS, our goal is to strengthen student self-efficacy, resilience and sense of belonging during their journey to graduation.


We are very proud of the PCCC alumni who have gone through the SSS Trio program. Some have continued their education at four-year colleges and universities. Others are employed in careers in a wide variety of professions. We congratulate them all and hope their successes inspire others.
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The history of TRiO is progressive. It began with Upward Bound, which emerged out of the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 in response to the administration's War on Poverty. In 1965, Talent Search, the second outreach program, was created as part of the Higher Education Act. In 1968, Student Support Services (SSS) which was originally known as Special Services for Disadvantaged Students, was authorized by the Higher Education Amendments and became the third in a series of educational opportunity programs. By the late 1960's, the term "TRiO" was coined to describe these three federal programs. The TRiO programs were the first national college access and retention programs to address the serious social and cultural barriers to education in America.