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ABC's Tiempo, June 4, 2017


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Welcome back from the break.

You probably use an iPhone, and you most likely use Siri.
Come and find out how it all works from someone who designs such applications.

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"The Science Club's Camping Trip Pictures"
STEM's Professional Lecture Series continues to heat up!

The speaker for this lecture is a Mathematician, a Professor, and a Researcher.

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OLEDs Lecture flyer Celebrate "Women's Month" with STEM. Dr. Julie Brown's operations are based in New Jersey.
PLS's "Technology Innovation: OLEDs" Pictures.


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Dr. Julie Brown Presenting at PCCC
Microsoft Lecture flyer STEM'S Professional Lecture Series


Mr. Michael Egbert, Microsoft Account Strategy Specialist

"Microsoft, Reinventing Computing Once Again."



Jackelynne Silva presenting at PCCC

 NASA Engineer and Eastside High graduate, Jackelynne Silva, visited PCCC on November 2012.  Mrs. Silva had a great presentation for STEM students from the college as well as from high schools in the area.


Suzanne McIntosh presenting at PCCC

IBM's Suzanne McIntosh as part of STEM's Professional Lecture Series, presented the latest on "Cloud Technology," for PCCC students on October 2012.