Vehicle Request Procedure

PCCC Teacher and student in the Library


Procedure to Request Use of a College Vehicle

  • A Vehicle Request and Assignment Form must be obtained prior to requesting a College vehicle for College business only.  Available at the Public Safety office or via
  • All completed vehicle requests must be submitted to the Public Safety Office 72 Hours prior to the trip with the required signatures (Dean or VP).  Important:  Any out of state trips must be approved by the President of the College in addition to the above signature.  
  • All vehicle requests that require a Public Safety department driver must be submitted to the Public Safety Office one week prior to the trip.
  • If E-Z Pass and/or GPS are needed, it must be indicated on the Vehicle Request and Assignment Form.  The E-Z Pass and/or GPS are to be picked up and signed for at the Public Safety Office at the time the vehicle is picked up.
    • Any College personnel who drive the college vehicles must supply Public Safety with a copy of their valid driver’s license.  The employee will also read and sign a copy of the County’s Vehicle Policy.  Failure to do so will result in the denial of the request. 
  • If you are involved in an accident, you are to call the local police department and notify Public Safety at 973-684-5403.
  • Any College personnel assigned a vehicle are responsible for any summons’ they may receive.  College Personnel are to drive safely, observe all traffic laws, and wear seat belts. 
  • All vehicles must be returned in the same condition when they were signed out.  Failure to do so will result in denial of future requests and / or departmental charge backs for restoration.
  • Prior to leaving the College with any vehicle the driver is responsible for checking the vehicle for damage and cleanliness and filling out a Vehicle Inspection Form which is submitted to the Public Safety Office (prior to departure).  
  • Upon returning to the College, the driver must report any concerns or mechanical issues that may have developed during the use of the vehicle to the Public Safety Office.  
  • There is NO SMOKING in any College-owned vehicles as per Board Policy F-203.
  • Please park the returned vehicle in the same parking space where you started from.  Bring the keys, E-Z pass, and GPS to the Public Safety Office, and report any concerns to the officer on duty.
  • Additional questions?  Call ext. 5403.

Click here for Vehicle Request and Assignment Form