Campus Parking Regulations

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• All vehicles parked in a PCCC parking lot or in the designated PCCC area of the Broadway Parking Garage (Paterson) must be registered with the Campus Public Safety Department and must clearly display a PCCC-issued parking hang-tag or  electronic window access device (for Broadway Parking Garage).

• The speed limit in all College parking facilities is 5 miles per hour.

• No parking is permitted except in designated areas. Vehicles must be parked in only one parking space, between the indicated lines. Officers will check Department of Motor Vehicles OIC Permit for persons with Disabled parking Hang Tags or Placards to assure that only authorized persons utilize the Disabled Persons parking spaces.

• Violators will be issued a Summons under STATE STATUTE 39:4-1380 or Paterson City ordinance 01-030HP.

• Parking regulations are in effect 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
All persons driving on campus must obey accepted safe motoring standards.

• Any violation of the regulations is subject to a fine as listed on the parking summons.

• The College may also tow the vehicle of repeated violators at the vehicle owner's expense.

• All parking will be within the designated parking spaces ONLY. Violators are subject to a summons and/or a vehicle tow at the vehicle owner’s expense.

• Parking in a Fire Zone or any other prohibited area with yellow lines will result in a Summons.

Additional Regulations for Broadway Parking Garage (Paterson)
Campus Parking Locations