Broadway Parking Regulations

PCCC park at the Main Campus

Parking Regulations for the Paterson Campus
Broadway Parking Garage
125 Broadway – Paterson, NJ
Entrances/Exits – Broadway & Memorial Drive

1. Parking is available for PCCC students, faculty, and staff at the Broadway Parking Garage. This is a public garage with specific areas designated for PCCC use. (See #10 below).

2.  The Broadway Parking Garage is open Monday thru Friday 7:00 AM to 10:30 PM and Saturdays 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

3. To park in designated PCCC areas and to enter/exit the garage, you must obtain an electronic window access device from the PCCC Public Safety Office. This device  MUST BE SECURED TO THE FRONT WINDSHIELD as directed in the parking device handout.  Anyone who fails to secure the device to their windshield will be responsible for paying for their own parking for the day.  (Click here for instructions to obtain a parking device).

4. If you encounter a problem with the parking device DO NOT REMOVE THE DEVICE FROM YOUR WINDSHIELD UNLESS YOU ARE DIRECTED TO BY THE PCCC PUBLIC SAFETY DEPARTMENT.  If you have any problems with the parking device come to the Public Safety Office and report the problem.

5. If you lose, damage, or  remove the device for any reason except when directed to do so by PCCC Public Safety you will be responsible for the replacement fee.    

6. All persons driving on campus must obey accepted safe motoring standards.

7. Upon entering the garage you must stop at the STOP sign to allow the gate to open, then proceed in.  Please be patient and wait at the STOP sign for the gate to open.

8. The speed limit in all college parking facilities is 5 MPH.

9. Parking regulations are in effect 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

10. No PCCC parking is permitted on levels 1, 2 or 3 of the parking garage.  PCCC parking is permitted on Level 4  and above and is designated by red parking lines. Public Safety Officers will check Department of Motor Vehicles permit and State issued handicapped ID card for persons with Disabled parking hang tags or placards to assure that only authorized persons utilize the Disabled Persons parking spaces. Violators will be issued a summons under State Statute 39:4-138O or City of Paterson ordinance 01-030-HP.

11. All parking will be within the designated parking spaces ONLY.  A summons will be issued for: Over the line/double space use, Double Parking, Parking within the parking lot roadway, parking in Handicapped spaces without a valid permit, blocking entrances or exits, Parking in Fire Zones or any other prohibited area IS NOT PERMITTED.  The owner of the vehicle is subject to a fine and tow at the vehicle owner’s expense.

12. Any violation of these regulations is subject to a fine, towing at the expense of the vehicle’s owner and/or revocation of any parking privileges.  Violations will be enforced by the Passaic County Community College’s Public Safety Department, Passaic County Sheriff’s Department, City of Paterson Police Department or the City of Paterson’s Parking Authority.  Any summons’ issued by the Paterson Parking Authority or the Passaic County Sheriff’s Department cannot be appealed through the Director of Security.

13. Students are to update their parking devices at the beginning of each semester.  Students who fail to do so may lose their privilege to park.

Pedestrian Overpass
There is a pedestrian overpass linking the Broadway Parking Garage to PCCC’s main building. Access is on Level 3 of the Garage and the second floor of PCCC’s Academic Hall. 

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