Evacuation Procedure - Wayne

Student at PCCC Library

Public Safety Academy
300 Oldham Road, Wayne, NJ  973 304-6020

Should an emergency occur at the Public Safety Academy, the Director of Operations or his designee will be responsible for communicating with all external emergency and law enforcement authorities as well as making the decision for evacuating the building (s) and notifying the highest administrative officer at the Paterson Campus and Public Safety Department.

During an emergency, College staff and students at the Public Safety Academy should contact the administrative office in person or at 973-304-6020 from any Wayne Campus telephone or cell phone to report information regarding the emergency or about specific issues involving personal safety.

Do not take time to collect coats, hats, books, ect. 


The Director of Operations at the Public Safety Academy or their designee will coordinate the evacuation of the building, call the Passaic County Sheriff’s Department, Wayne Police and/or Fire Department, and notify Public Safety.  The Director of Operations or their designee will wait for response by Wayne Police Department and/or Fire Department, Passaic County Sheriff’s Department to decide if the building is safe to re-enter.

In the event of an emergency requiring complete evacuation of Passaic County Community College the following guidelines will be followed fire alarm, all students, staff and visitors will exit the building in a quiet, orderly manner.  The College fire alarm system will provide warning in case of fire.  In the event of another type of emergency the College population would be notified as to the appropriate action through one of the following means Panther Alert, College Web Page, megaphone and Police Vehicle public address system thereby assuring sufficient opportunity for all personnel to exit safely.  Once learning that an alarm has been activated, proceed to the nearest emergency exit as designated in your building evacuation plan.