Public Safety - Acts of Terrorism (Wanaque)

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Is an activity that is dangerous to human life or potentially destructive to critical infrastructure or key resources; a violation of criminal laws of the United States or any state or subdivision of the United States.

Types of Terrorist Incidents:

  • Bombings
  • Kidnapping and hostage taking
  • Armed attacks
  • Assassinations
  • Arson and firebombs
  • Cyber terrorism
  • Bias Incidents

Terrorist incidents may not be readily identifiable and it will be the responsibility of law enforcement to make that determination.  These incidents are dangerous and unpredictable, but there are things that should be immediately done to protect the safety of one self and other members of the college community.

If it is possible to do so safely, exit the building immediately when you become aware of an incident, moving away from the immediate path of danger, and take the following steps.

1. Notify anyone you may encounter to exit the building immediately.

2. Evacuate to a safe area away from the danger and take protective cover.  Stay there until assistance arrives.

3. Dial 911/notify administrative office 973-248-3000 via cell phone or any accessible college phone.  Provide the administrative office or police dispatcher the following information:

a. Your name
b. Location of the incident (be as specific as possible)
c. Describe the situation
d. Number of shooters (if any)
e. Identification or description of shooter(s), (if any)
f. Numbers of persons involved
g. Your exact location
h. Injuries to anyone, if known

4. Individuals not immediately impacted by the situation should take protective cover and stay away from windows and doors until notified.

5. If you are directly involved in an incident and exiting the building is not possible, the following actions are recommended:

a. Go to the nearest office or room.
b. Close and lock the door.
c. Turn off the lights.
d. Seek protective cover.
e. Keep quiet and act as if no one is in the room.
f. Close blinds

6. Do not answer the door.

7. Dial 911/ notify administrative office 973-248-3000 via cell phone or any available college phone if it safe to do so.  Provide the call taker or the police dispatcher with the following information:

a. Your name
b. Your location (be as specific as possible)
c. Describe the situation
d. Suspicious Packages (if any)
e. Number of shooters (if known)
f. Identification or description of shooter(s)
g. Numbers of persons involved
h. Injuries to anyone, if known
i. Wait for police to assist you out of the building

The Passaic County Sheriff’s Department and the Wanaque Police Department are trained and equipped to respond to an emergency incident of this nature.  Due to the type of incident the Passaic County Prosecutors Office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation would also respond and take the lead on the follow up investigation. The Passaic County Community College will convey to the members of the college community information regarding the incident.  This information will be conveyed to the college community via Panther Alert, radio and television stations.