Evacuation PAC

Faculty and student at Library

2 PAULISON AVENUE, NJ  973 341-1600

The Passaic Academic Center is equipped with a fire alarm system which is activated in the event of fire or other emergency.  Students and staff have been instructed to evacuate the building through the nearest EXIT doors.  All EMERGENCY EXITS are identifiable by lighted exit signs.  Upon evacuation student, faculty and staff are to assemble in the parking lot away from the building.

The Vice President of the Passaic Academic Center will coordinate the evacuation of the building; call the Passaic County Sheriff’s Department, Passaic Police/Fire Departments and Public Safety.  Public Safety will notify the Highest Administrative Officer on campus and the Director of Security.  The Vice President of the Passaic Academic Center or their designee will wait for response by Passaic Police Department and or Fire Department, Passaic County Sheriff’s Department to decide if the building is safe to re-enter.