How to Access Services

Female student in the middle of other students at the Park, talking to each other
Office of Disability Support Services
Main Campus – Center for Student Success (2nd Floor)
225 Market Street, Paterson NJ 07505

Phone: (973) 684-6395
Fax: 973-684-6105

How to Access Student Disability Support Services
at PCCC & Documentation Requirements

PCCC adheres to the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), including the recent Amendments Act of 2008 (ADA AA), and Section 504 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973 which prohibit discrimination on the basis of disability. PCCC provides universal access to academic programs, activities, and awards for all students without discrimination on the basis of disabling conditions. There is no “special education” in college.

Part 1 - Steps for Accessing Services

  1. Prospective student applies to Passaic County Community College through Admissions
  2. Accepted student takes the Accuplacer placement test
    • Study/review for the Accuplacer online 
    • Students requesting the accommodation of extended time for the essay portion of the Accuplacer should put their request in writing to ODS will then contact the Testing Department.
      • Bring photo ID and Admissions’ acceptance letter, and mention getting extended time for the essay when you check in. Students must contact ODS prior to taking the Accuplacer to get double time (x2.0) on the timed essay portion (other portions are untimed)—Students who complete the Accuplacer without first requesting extended time will not be permitted to retest.
  3. Student makes 60 minute appointment to meet with a Disability Services Specialist
    • Call 973-684-6395 or email for an appointment. Student should be the one making this appointment!
    • Bring appropriate documentation (please see the back for specifics)
  4. Students are encouraged to utilize the Center for Student Success (CSS) staff on Main campus, and/or the Student Development Specialists at PAC or WAC for all non-disability related questions or issues as they arise throughout each semester.
  5. Questions about your Financial Aid? Call 973-684-6100 or email
  6. Questions about your bill or need a payment plan? Call the Bursar 973-684-5202 or


PLEASE NOTE: Individual Education Plans (IEPs), 504 Plans, and documentation of past accommodations may be used to determine appropriate accommodations only if they contain information specific to the disability.

Learning Disabilities:

  • Educational Evaluation, with specific diagnosis by a licensed psychologist or a learning consultant, including the addendum of scores, and preferably including accommodations
  • Psychological Evaluation, with the specific diagnosis by a licensed psychologist or a learning consultant, including test scores, and preferably including accommodations

Psychiatric / Psychological Disabilities:

  • Current documentation from a licensed psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, or licensed mental health provider
    • Specific diagnosis, description of current symptoms, and summary of comprehensive assessment
    • History of symptoms and validation of need for services related to the functional impact of the disability
    • Current treatment plan and medications, including side effects
    • Request for specific recommendations, including suggested academic accommodations justified by the link to functional limitations in the academic environment, and requested accommodations

Physical or Sensory Disabilities:

  • Comprehensive documentation from a qualified professional, including name, title, credential, and contact information
    • Diagnostic statement identifying physical disability of illness
    • Description of diagnostic criteria and/or tests used
    • Description of type and severity of current symptoms
    • Description of functional impact of disability
    • Description of current medication, treatments, and/or services currently prescribed, including any side effects that might impact performance
    • Description of expected progression or stability of the disability or illness over time
    • Recommendation for accommodations or services connecting the need for the accommodations to the functional impact of the disability

Temporarily disabled? No documentation?
Please email or call 973-684-6395 to see if you qualify for services.


Click here for a printable version of the above information “Welcome to PCCC from ODS: How to Access Services” [pdf]

Last updated September 2017