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Quick Tips for Working with Students with Disabilities:


  • Emphasize strengths rather than weaknesses
  • Always speak confidentially with the student; never comment or initiate a discussion regarding a disability in front of others.
  • Do not assume a student is having difficulty with a task.
  • Ask if and how you may help.
  • Students with disabilities have the same range of likes and dislikes as anyone else.
  • Consult with ODS if you are concerned with personal issues or appropriate instructional techniques. 

All college syllabi should include this statement informing students of ODS:

If you have a disability, and believe you need accommodations in this class, please contact the Office of Disabilities Services (ODS) at 973-684-6395, or email ods@pccc.edu, You should do so as soon as possible at the start of each semester. If you require testing accommodations, you must remind me (the instructor) one week in advance of each test.

Students need to follow the instructor’s syllabus regarding “reminders” about testing accommodations.

Additionally, it might be useful to provide students with the following link http://pccc.edu/ods to the ODS web page.  

It is the responsibility of the student to self-identify or disclose his/her disability to ODS. However, the student may do this with a faculty member by presenting an ACADEMIC ADJUSTMENT or ACCOMMODATIONS FORM/LETTER. If a student discloses he/she has a disability but does not present a form, he/she should be directed to one of the following:

Main Campus – Paterson
Memorial Hall M244
(across from the Testing Center)

Passaic Academic Center
PAC – Room 218
Students are met by appointment.
Check with the Main Desk for room location.

Wanaque Academic Center
WAC- Room 117
Check with the Main Desk for room location. 

Once the form is received, it is then the faculty’s responsibility to meet with the student to discuss and reach suitable arrangements for appropriate accommodations noted on the form. Assistance in the implementation of the recommended academic adjustments or additional information regarding requirements, procedures, etc. can be obtained by contacting the ODS office at Ext. 6395.

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