Transfer Advising

Individual Transfer Advising Students who would like to discuss their transfer plans individually are encouraged to make an appointment with the PCCC Student Development and Transfer Specialist, Liz Harrison. To schedule an appointment, please call the Center for Student Success at (973) 684-5524. Ms. Harrison may also be reached by email at

Wanaque Academic Center students may also contact Ms. Janet Varvara, Student Development Specialist, Wanaque Campus, 973-248-3004 or

Passaic Academic Center students may also contact Ms. Amy Garcia, Student Development Specialist, 973-341-1616,, or Ms. Treya Lynch, Student Development Specialist, 973-341-1607,

EOF students should contact Ms. Dawn Norman, EOF Coordinator of Special Services, at (973) 684-5731, or by email at

TRiO/SSS students should contact Ms. Joyce Addo, Counselor, at (973) 684-6334, or by email at

Female student in the middle of other students at the Park, talking to each other