Transfer Services

Student studying at Library

PCCC and the Career and Transfer Services are working hard to help make your transition to a four-year college a smooth, positive experience! A successful transfer requires careful research and planning. This is especially important if you want to benefit from the Statewide Transfer Agreement. Admission requirements, application deadlines, and academic programs vary college by college. The key is to understand the requirements for the colleges you will be applying to, and plan accordingly. At times the process may seem confusing, but it doesn’t have to. Career and Transfer Services offers the support and resources to help you reach your higher education goals. The office is located in Memorial Hall, M-244.

Transfer Basics

1. Select a PCCC associate degree that prepares you to transfer into your major at the four-year college or university.

2. Take your classes seriously...your GPA is VERY important!

3. Understand and fulfill the admission requirements for the colleges you want to apply to.

4. Pay close attention to application deadlines…admission and financial aid deadlines vary at every college.

5. Carefully complete your transfer admission application.... missing information will delay your admission decision.

6. Request official PCCC transcripts to be sent directly to the colleges...this is your responsibility.

7. The college or university will notify you of their admission decision after your application has been completed and reviewed.