WORKSHOP TITLE: So You’ve Declared Your Major, Now What’s Next

Two students discussing with the books

DESCRIPTION: This workshop will focus on investigating career options within a college major, as well as learning how to obtain in-depth research on specific careers. Students will learn how to set and achieve career goals for a successful future.

Presenter: CSS Staff

GOALS: The goals of this workshop are to broaden students’ understanding of the many career options available within a college major, as well as to understand the importance of researching career options. This workshop will also focus on the importance of planning and goal setting in preparing for a successful future.

1. Students will be able to identify at least three (3) career options available to them within their college major.
2. Students will be able to research and obtain in-depth information on career fields.
3. Students will be able to set goals and establish a five(5) year plan for achieving the goals they have set.