WORKSHOP TITLE: Sharpen Your Interviewing Skills

DESCRIPTION: This workshop focuses on interview preparation. Students will be taken through the steps necessary to have a successful interview. The workshop will focus on preparing for the interview, learning how to respond to different types of interview questions, and the appropriate follow-up process after an interview has taken place. Students will also have the opportunity to role-play and have mock interviews.

Presenter: CSS Staff

GOALS: The goal of the workshop is to prepare students for a successful interview experience.

1. Students will know what they need to do to prepare for an interview. This will include appropriate dress, knowing how to articulate skills, strengths, and work experience; as well as learning how to research the position and organization to which they are applying.
2. Students will learn about the different types of interview questions that might be asked during an interview. Students will be able to address difficult or uncomfortable questions, such as gaps in work experience, criminal histories, illegal interview questions, etc.
3. Students will learn and be able to employ effective and successful follow-up strategies.

Students at the break