WORKSHOP TITLE: Selecting A College That Fits

DESCRIPTION: Choosing the right college involves more than the fact that it offers the major a student wishes to pursue. Factors such as cost, location, rating, reputation, and make-up of student body are other areas to consider. This workshop will concentrate on those factors and examine them in the light of colleges which are situated within reasonable communing distances.

Presenter: CSS Staff

GOALS: The goals of this workshop are to encourage students to examine multiple factors when choosing a college to attend, thereby enabling them to make more informed decisions about their choice of a college.

1. Students will be able to examine colleges on the basis of factors other than the preferred majors they offer.
2. Students will be able to identify sources where they can learn more about the colleges they are considering.
3. Students will be able to make more informed decisions when choosing a college.

Students and instructor in the Lab