WORKSHOP TITLE: Learning the Three R’s of the Classroom: Reading, ‘Riting, and Responsibility

DESCRIPTION: This workshop is designed to help students learn not just how to be successful in a college classroom, but that their success lies in their own hands.  The workshop cites educational psychology along with anecdotal evidence collected by the presenter’s own experiences and of her students.

Presenter:  Diana C. Blauvelt, Assistant Professor, English Department

GOALS: The goals of the workshop are to help students become active learners, and to explain to students the need for self-motivation, hard-work and responsibility in order to achieve their own level of success.

1. Students will learn strategies used to become an active learner.

2. Students will understand that success is different for everyone.

3. Students will become aware that the college experience is different for all students.

Students at the Main Campus Park