WORKSHOP TITLE: How to Relieve Test Anxiety

DESCRIPTION: This presentation will focus on understanding test anxiety and examine the reasons why we become anxious when faced with taking tests. The presentation will suggest ways to overcome the ‘fear’ and ‘panic’ that often arise at final examination time.

Presenter: CSS Staff

GOALS: The goals of this workshop are to help students devise study strategies and learn anxiety reduction techniques which will serve to increase their chances for success when taking tests and examinations.

1. Students will be better able to understand the reasons for their becoming anxious when taking tests and identify relaxation techniques used to reduce stress during tests and examinations.
2. Students will be enabled to selectively choose new methods of preparing for tests and will learn how to adapt these methods – each according to his/her particular style of learning.
3. Students will be able to report an increased level of self-confidence when taking tests and examinations.

PCCC Student and Instructor in the classroom