WORKSHOP TITLE: Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, And Sexual Assault

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DESCRIPTION: This workshop focuses on information concerning domestic violence, dating violence and sexual assault. Domestic violence is a destructive form of abuse that affects females every 15 seconds. The workshop will focus on the definitions of domestic and dating violence, and sexual assault. The cycle of violence, prevention, support, and available community resources will also be discussed.

Presenter: Maria Rodriguez

GOALS: The goals of this workshop are for students to gain awareness of the resources in the community, understand the cycle of violence, and learn how to be proactive.

1. Students will be able to identify domestic violence.
2. Students will know about options and resources available to them.
3. Students will be able to construct a safety plan for themselves, or for others involved in a violent relationship.
4. Students will learn about their legal rights and know what legal procedures and options are available to them.