WORKSHOP TITLE: Communicating in the Culturally Diverse Workplace

DESCRIPTION: This workshop focuses on the changing workplace. More women, more ethnic minorities, and more immigrants are entering the work force.
As a result, the workplace is increasingly muliticultural. This workshop will focus on the communication process and how it varies within cultures. Students will learn effective and acceptable communication techniques, as well as address conflicts that arise from communication problems.

Presenter: CSS Staff

GOALS: The goals of the workshop are to have students understand the culturally diverse and multicultural workplace, and to learn effective communication and conflict resolution skills.

1. Students will learn that communication is a process that varies among cultures. Students will be able to employ effective and appropriate workplace communication techniques.
2. Students will be able to identify sources of conflict in the workplace and employ effective conflict resolution techniques.
3. Students will be able to discuss the impact of stereotyping in the workplace, and articulate the importance of recognizing and respecting cultural and individual differences.

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