WORKSHOP TITLE: Athletics and Academics, the Proper Balance

DESCRIPTION: This workshop provides student athletes with an overview of the professional realization of athletic endeavors versus the opportunity of educational achievements in their adult lives.

Presenter: Brian Duncan

GOALS: The goal of this workshop is to help student athletes understand the importance of educational efforts during their years at PCCC. Athletic success is by its very nature fleeting and tenuous. Dedicating themselves to academic success will give students returns that, except for the very few, will far exceed athletic-based rewards.

1. Students will learn about the probability of professional athletic attainment is, and understand the importance of the educational opportunity they have within their grasp.
2. Students will learn how the NCAA rules seriously restrict their level of academic “wiggle room” to get and maintain athletic scholarships.
3. Students will learn how major NCAA colleges strictly guard eligibility for athletes in their colleges.

Students and instructor in the Lab