WORKSHOP TITLE: A Formula for Student and Overall Success

DESCRIPTION: This workshop focuses on the question of how to succeed, and thus on how to be a success. Success and failure are possibilities that face us every day, at every step of the way. The question of what constitutes a successful venture, and how to attain it, is one that we all wonder about at various times, and struggle to solve, for ourselves and for others around us. This workshop will analyze the structure and components of success, and use practical examples to demonstrate how a Success Formula may be used under almost any circumstances to insure both successful planning and successful results for any project, in- class or out.

Presenter: Thomas Tobin

GOALS: The general goals of this workshop are to show students how to both think and act successfully, no matter what the project they're engaged in.

1. Students will learn the basic elements of success and the logical structure that relates each of the elements to the whole process of succeeding.
2. Students will be able to apply each of these components of success to practical problems and projects in their everyday student lives.
3. Students will be able to use these elements of success to identify obstacles and hindrances to success.
4. Students will be able to analyze and create general and step-by- step plans for succeeding at whatever projects they propose for themselves.

Instructor discussing with students in the Lab