CSS Staff

Two students discussing with the books

CSS Staff Offices are located on the Main Campus – Paterson
in the Enrollment Services (ES) building, unless otherwise indicated.

Darleen McGrath-Florance
, M.A.
CSS Director
Room ES-225
Tel: 973-684-6085
E-mail: dflorance@pccc.edu

Elizabeth Harrison, M.A.
Associate Director of CSS-Transition Services
Room ES-223
Tel: 973-684-5664

Tom Moore, B.A.
Coordinator of Career and Professional Readiness
Room: ES-204
Tel: 973-684-5583
E-mail: tmoore@pccc.edu

Margo Murray, M. A.
College Counselor/International Student Advisor
Room ES-203
Tel: 973-684-6738
E-mail: mmurray@pccc.edu

Laura Perez
, M.A.
College Counselor/International Student Advisor
Room ES-202
Tel: 973-684-5750
E-mail: lperez@pccc.edu

Maricela Shrager
, M.A.
Student Development Specialist
Room ES-211
Tel: 973-684-6235
E-mail: mshrager@pccc.edu

Mechelle Du’Monde, M.S.
Student Development Specialist/Advisement
Room: ES-219
Tel: 973 684-6773
E-mail: mdumonde@pccc.edu

Support Staff

Ines Campos
, MA
Secretary, Main Campus
Room: ES-224
Tel: 973-684-5568
E-mail: icampos@pcc.edu