General Education Requirements

Instructor discussing with students in the Lab

Why General Education?

We know college is expensive. We realize your future job might not involve much math or much history. But education is more than training.

General Education (Gen Ed) courses ensure that you:

•    have a solid academic foundation
•    are better able to communicate
•    can problem-solve
•    can think analytically and critically
•    can utilize technology
•    can work in a culturally diverse setting.

You certainly will be communicating and expressing ideas at your future job. You will most likely need to use a computer, and you will, at some point, be required to solve a problem.

Gen Ed courses provide you with a multitude of lifelong skills applicable to numerous disciplines and varied contexts. This is not unique to PCCC or community colleges;  All public two-  and four-year institutions must meet state standards for Gen Ed requirements.   See the  Gen Ed requirements at PCCC.