Crave a Creative Career



Crave a Creative Career?

Develop your creative talents and earn your associate’s degree or a certificate  in one of PCCC’s outstanding programs in creative fields. 

Prepare for a great career or to continue your education at a four-year college or university. Plus, PCCC offers affordable tuition, financial aid, four convenient locations, and day, evening, weekend, and online classes.


Studio Arts

Learn from educators who are also active artists in the current art scene.  Study techniques and principles of drawing and design as well as art history, criticism, and evaluation.  Prepare a professional portfolio for job hunting

Graphic Design

Qualified graphic designers and draftspersons are in demand in both print and electronic media. 
Learn to apply the principles and elements of design to create original graphic design work in digital media and web design.


All the world’s a stage for theater students who have gone on to careers in law, politics, and education as well as in performing, stage management, and production. 
Learn the physical and vocal techniques used in different styles of acting and the basics of stagecraft.  Get experience working with noted playwrights  and directors.

Musical Studies

Build a foundation for success in musical performance, music education, and music computer technology.
Students will gain skills in music theory, piano, and  how to read and write music, and participate in performance workshops.


Prepare for a career in one of today’s most rapidly changing fields.  Develop skills to write in a wide  range of journalistic styles. 
Enjoy diverse on and off-campus opportunities to hone newsgathering and reporting skills.

PCCC Teacher and student in the Library