EOF Services

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Career Services
There are many opportunities for EOF students to explore various careers through luncheons, computerized evaluations programs and workshops.

EOF Student Leadership Development
All students are invited to participate in the Alliance of Educational Opportunity Fund Students of New Jersey (AESNJ).
The goal of this organization is to develop leadership skills, enhance EOF students’ personal growth, increase cultural sensitivity, and provide social and educational activities.

Graduate Transfer Advisement

Our students are encouraged to continue their education. Transfer advisement is mandatory for all students preparing for graduation. Campus tours are also available to help students with making their decisions.

One-on-One Counseling

All EOF Students are required to meet with their counselor twice each month to discuss academic progress and/or personal issues affecting their educational success.

Tutorial Services

Tutorial services are offered to students who are enrolled in developmental courses as well as academically advanced students who have difficulty with courses. Workshops are also offered in Math, Reading and English to help students strengthen their skills. EOF Lab

Summer Program

First time college students are required to attend our summer program. Students participate in course work, structured study periods and cultural activities that promote academic and personal success.