EOF Services

Students walking at the Main Campus Park

Students accepted into the EOF program receive much more than just financial support; they also enjoy a wide array of services designed to help them be successful in their educational journey, including:

Summer Institute
To get a head start on their college journey, first-time college students are required to attend our Summer Institute where they participate in course work, cultural activities, and a College Success and Civic Responsibility Seminar that fosters academic and personal growth. Students also receive structured academic advising as well as tutoring.  The program provides students with the supplies they will need during the summer.

Individual and Group Tutoring
Our staff in the EOF Academic Resource Center (ARC) provides in-person and remote tutoring as well as supplemental instruction for freshmen and other EOF students. The ARC tutors specialize in providing math and writing support. They also teach individuals and groups of students at all levels of academic proficiency the strategies to learn more effectively in other course areas. A hallmark of our ARC team is their dedication to preparing students to pass the College Writing Exam.

Personalized Academic Advising
Our EOF counselors and retention specialists are the primary service providers to our students. Students are expected to meet with their designated counselor twice a month to discuss academic progress and/or personal issues affecting their educational success. Our counselors understand that each student’s experience, goals, and professional path is unique. This understanding, coupled with their expertise regarding college standards, enables our counselors to personalize their advice to each student. 

Student Success Workshops
EOF Counselors and staff from the Academic Resource Center offer workshops on topics pertinent to student success such as Study Skills, Time Management, Test-Taking Strategies, Effective Communication, and more. Workshops are offered to enhance the quality of a students’ college life. All EOF students are required to attend select EOF workshops.
Transfer and Career Services
When supporting our students, we begin with the end in mind. The EOF Team operates with the understanding that college is a vehicle designed to take students in the professional direction of their choosing. With a clear professional destination in mind, students will achieve great academic and personal gains. All students in our program are encouraged to get involved in internships before they graduate. They are also informed about the benefits of continuing their education after graduating from PCCC. Our counselors arrange transfer fairs and campus tours facilitated by EOF partners at senior colleges and universities. 

Leadership Development and Community Service Opportunities
We understand that the holistic growth and development that we want for our students is the result of planning, practice, and reflection, both in and outside of the classroom. Students are encouraged to become actively involved in service initiatives on and off campus. Leadership and service activities are proven to keep students on the path to successfully completing college and graduating. Engaging in these activities also help students build skills and refine their personal and professional vision for success. Through collaborative advocacy and service projects, our chapter of the Alliance of EOF Students of New Jersey (AESNJ) affords our students opportunities to cultivate productive relationships with fellow students, administrators, policy makers, and other community partners around the state.