International Students - Transferring to Another College/University

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Transferring to Another College/University

If you are a current PCCC student and are planning on transferring to a different institution you need to contact your PCCC International Student Advisor, as soon as possible, to inform her of your plans.


It is your responsibility to:

  • Schedule an appointment with the Transfer Counselor, located in the Center for Student Success, in order to go over your transfer plans.
  • Meet with the Chairperson of your Academic Department (the semester before you graduate)
  • Pass the College Writing Exam (if graduating)
  • Hand in a Graduation Application to the Registrar’s Office (if graduating)
  • Complete and hand in an Admission/International Student application to the institution you are interested in transferring to.
  • Submit to the transferring institution all required financial documents needed to obtain an I-20 from them.
  • Give your PCCC International Student Advisor a Foreign Student Advisor Report to fill out. This is included in your application packet. You must first complete and sign the top portion of this form!!
  • Be aware of application deadlines of the 4-year colleges/universities.