Testimonials - Dual Enrollment

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Testimonials - Dual Enrollment

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Dual Enrollment @ PCCC


PCCC’s Dual Enrollment program is a great opportunity for high school students to learn at the college level.  As well, students have the opportunity to purchase college credits at a significantly reduced rate.  Students receive a college transcript for their coursework and are thus more marketable after graduation.

I strongly recommend all our students participate in the program. 
Joseph Sabbath
Assistant Principal,
Passaic County Technical Institute - Wayne


"What a phenomenal opportunity! Dual enrollment provides taxpaying parents and students in this community the opportunity to get up to two full years of college completed at a minimal  cost to themselves, with credits fully transferable to many colleges and universities in NJ . My two sons found their coursework at PCCC invaluable in preparing them for the academically rigorous environment in College."
David Filippone
Woodland Park, NJ

This is a state of the art educational experience for High School level students to not only excel in their given vocational field of choice, but an excellent opportunity to have the college level opportunity for accreditation. We are now able to bring the college level stigma of being difficult to a very attainable experience.

Alan Swartz
Passaic County Technical Institute - Wayne


The Dual Enrollment program offered through Passaic county Community College is the best of its kind. Not only is it a tremendous opportunity for students to receive college credit while in high school, but it also gives students the “college experience” so they know what to expect after graduation. PCCC’s Composition I and II courses are rigorous and enjoyable for all students.

Erin Jerman
International High School- Paterson