How You Save on the Cost of a College Education

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How Dual Enrollment Can Help You Save on the Cost of a College Education

Typically, the cost of a dual enrollment course is much less than that of regular tuition for a college course.

Also, students in the DE program may be exempted from some fees required of regular college students.

Tuition is calculated based on the cost per course credit.
The courses offered in the DE program are three-credit courses, chosen to satisfy the basic requirements of most
degree programs at a majority of colleges.

Satisfying some of your college course requirements through the dual enrollment program can help you save on the overall cost of a four-year college education.

Also, you can significantly increase your savings by attending a community college for the first two years of your college career.

Note: PCCC tuition is typically lower than that of four-year public or private colleges for a similar course.