Faculty - Dual Enrollment

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Dual Enrollment courses are taught by full-time PCCC faculty, by PCCC adjunct instructors, or by high school faculty serving as College adjuncts to teach DE courses.

The teaching credential requirement is the same for all DE instructors whether they are PCCC faculty or high school faculty selected to teach DE courses.

In order to teach in the DE program, a high school teacher must be recommended by the principal and meet the minimum academic requirements for PCCC adjunct faculty, namely a master’s degree in the subject area.

Faculty Selection

The College is responsible for faculty selection for DE courses.
PCCC’s Vice President of Academic Affairs, with input from Department chairpersons, selects the high school teachers who will be approved as PCCC adjunct faculty for DE courses.

The adjunct instructors selected are completely knowledgeable about PCCC courses and grading systems.