Dual Enrollment Process

Female student in the middle of other students at the Park, talking to each other

How  The Program Works

In a partnership between Passaic County Community College
and local high schools, students who qualify for Dual Enrollment may enroll in a college-credit course while still completing their high school education.

  • DE courses are offered at either the student’s high school or at a PCCC campus.
  • The courses are offered as part of the student’s regular  school curriculum and normal daily schedule. 
  • The college credits are offered at a reduced cost for DE students and are transferable to a college transcript.

How To Become a DE Student

  • A  DE Team will hold an information session at the high school for students to introduce the DE Program to juniors and seniors.
  • Interested students will meet with their high school guidance counselor (or designated DE representative) to discuss academic criteria and other requirements for enrollment.
  • The PCCC DE Team and the high school coordinator will meet  with parents of interested students.
  • Registration for DE courses will be held at the high school.
    (See Registration Form)
  • Payment of the DE course tuition is due before the end of the second week of the course.

Attendance Policy

Dual enrollment students are expected to attend all classes. Only illness or serious personal matters may be considered adequate reasons for absences.

It is the prerogative of the instructor to excuse absences for valid reasons provided the students are able to fulfill all course requirements.

Academic Integrity Policy

Dual Enrollment students are expected to abide by the same rules and regulations that apply to every other PCCC student regarding academic honesty and integrity.
(Read complete Academic Integrity Policy)

Progress and Grading

An evaluation is given at mid-semester, particularly for students who are having academic difficulty in DE course.  It must also be submitted to the guidance counselor and the PCCC DE Team.

After last week of DE course
Final grades are submitted by the DE instructor to PCCC. 

The grading system for DE courses is the same as the one used by PCCC in all college-level courses. Students who successfully complete a DE course will earn college credits applicable to their future college degree. 

Withdrawal from a Dual Enrollment course

If a student chooses to withdraw from a DE course, he/she must speak to his/her teacher and guidance counselor.

If a student withdraws before PCCC’s drop/add deadline, then he/she will not receive a grade.

If a student withdraws after PCCC’s drop/add deadline, a grade of “W” (withdrawal) is recorded on the student’s transcript.

A grade of "W" or "F" on a student’s transcript  will impact his/her Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) record and may affect receipt of future financial aid for college.

Refunds for Withdrawal from a Dual Enrollment Course

A refund of tuition and fees is granted only for students who have withdrawn officially. The date on which the PCCC Registrar receives written request  for withdrawal will determine the amount refunded.

Click here for current refund amount schedule.