Graduation Requirements

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Steps for Graduation
College Writing Exam
Earning a Second Associate Degree

Graduation Requirements

Be sure to meet with your academic advisor at least one semester prior to your planned graduation date to review your program and ensure you will be ready to graduate.

In order to graduate from Passaic County Community College you must:

  • Meet all the requirements of the program in which you are matriculated (as stated in the PCCC College Catalog as the time of your matriculation)
  • Have at least 60 college credits to receive a degree.  A minimum of 30 credits must have been earned at PCCC
  • Complete at least one-half of the credits required in your major at PCCC
  • Successfully complete the College Writing Exam
  • Notify the Registrar of your intention to graduate
  • Follow all Steps for Graduation

College Writing Exam

All students must pass the CWE in order to receive a  degree from PCCC. 
The exam is administered regularly and students may take the exam more than once if necessary. 

Comprehensive Nursing Exam

To receive the Associate Degree in Nurse Education, a student must pass a comprehensive nursing exam near the end of the program.

Graduating With Honors

Three levels of outstanding academic performance are recognized at Commencement. These levels are based on the cumulative grade point average (GPA) earned by the candidate for graduation:

Honors Level
GPA Required
Highest Honors
3.90 – 4.0
High Honors
3.70 – 3.89
3.50 – 3.69