High Schoolers Receive Certificates at Commencement

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High School Students Receive Their
Professional Certificates at PCCC’s 43rd Commencement

Posted 6-8-15


PCTI Students
PCTI seniors received their professional certificates at PCCC’s 43rd Commencement ceremony.

For the first time in PCCC history, professional certificates were awarded at a Commencement ceremony to a group of high school students who earned their college credits through the Dual Enrollment program.

The 41 students from Passaic County Technical Institute are all seniors who will graduate from PCTI this month. They received their Child Development Associate certificates during the May 21 morning Commencement ceremony at PCCC.

“Graduating high school with a career certificate and the experience to gain employment deserves special recognition and praise,” said Professor Linda Carter, CDA, Coordinator of the Department of Early Childhood and Teacher of Education.

The Dual Enrollment program allows qualifying high school students to take college-level courses and earn college credits while still in high school, offering them a head start on their college education.

According to Professor Carter, the PCTI students specifically entered the Early Childhood Education Shop when they started their freshman year of high school and continued to study ECE for all four years at PCTI.

In addition to classroom instruction, the students acquired hands-on job experience through on-site fieldwork assignments at La Vida Childcare Centers in Paterson. 

"These young men and women demonstrated excellence in their dedication, theory based knowledge, professional portfolio development, and practical application of best practices in their fieldwork with young children,” said Professor Carter.

She noted that the students are now equipped with the training and expertise to apply for a nationally recognized Early Childhood Credential, a pathway into the workforce.

 “The Department of Early Childhood as well as the Administration at PCCC wants to extend our sincere congratulations to these amazing students."

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