Certificate in Sports Management

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Professor Tom Cox
Professor Ann Deblinger
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The Certificate in Sports Management is a 33-credit program created to offer students the opportunity to gain professional business skills, combined with exercise science knowledge and expertise, in order to gain management positions in the fitness and sports industry.

Students will have the ability to manage fitness programs and personal  training  and recreation facilities.  The Certificate in Sports Management and experience in marketing can lead to a career as a sports agent, fitness director, general manager of a health club, fitness and sports manager in a community based program, or sports assistant to professional athletes.

Sports managers are responsible for the welfare of their clients including training, nutrition, fitness, public appearances, interviews, campaigns, and contractual negotiations .

Upon successful completion of this program, students should demonstrate the ability to:

  • Integrate knowledge and skills from the sciences and exercise science into Fitness/Wellness care.
  • Design and instruct a fitness /sports /or recreational program. 
  • Assist in the marketing of services in sports and fitness facilities. Develop a Marketing Plan and a Sponsorship Proposal for Sport/Fitness Industry.
  • Demonstrate general information literacy skills for exercise science research purposes.
  • Communicate effectively with consumers, providers, employees and other sports/health and recreation professionals from diverse backgrounds
  • Demonstrate effective techniques to assess client’s level of fitness and effectively communicate health and safety issues
  • Gain certification in American Red Cross CPR, AED, and First Aid