Associate in Science (A.S.) Degree in Homeland Security

Instructor discussing with students in the Lab

Associate in Science (A.S.) Degree
in Homeland Security

The Homeland Security Department at Passaic County Community College offers an Associate in Science Degree that can lead to either continued education or employment in the public and private sector.

At PCCC, students receive state-of-the art instruction geared toward providing the best possible foundation for success in the rapidly developing field of homeland security.

We prepare our students to examine threats to the U. S. Homeland with insight into the implications for maintaining homeland security.  The degree will examine this new concept for America and the basic responsibilities of defending the United States.  Courses cover law enforcement, terrorism, emergency management and forensic science.

We achieve these goals through individualized instruction, providing each student with close personal attention and encouragement. In addition, our faculty maintains close continuous contact with employers, licensing boards, professional organizations, and four-year colleges and universities to assist students in the next phase of their professional development.

Job Prospects

The A.S. Degree in Homeland Security  degree will prepare students to enter the job market  in a wide variety of areas related to the field of homeland security. Positions are becoming available with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as well as with state, county, and local governments.
Some responsibilities associated with Homeland Security jobs include:

  • securing our borders, airports, seaports and waterways
  • researching and developing the latest security technologies
  • responding to natural disasters or terrorists assaults
  • analyzing intelligence reports
  • and much more.


Transfer Options

Graduates of this program will be able to transfer all 60 credits into a bachelor’s degree program at Fairleigh-Dickinson University  and Thomas Edison State College.