AS Degree in Business Administration/ Sports Management Option

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Associate in Science (A.S.) Degree in Business Administration
Sports Management Option

The  A.S. Degree in Business Administration/Sports Management Option is for  students who wish to continue their study in the fields of Sports Management, Marketing, or other related business studies at a four-year institution. *

*Students are strongly encouraged to consult the Business faculty as early as possible to ensure choosing electives acceptable to transfer institutions.

After completion of this A.S. program, gaining a position in sports administration or opening a small business in the sports industry are possible.

Upon successful completion of this program students will:

  • Demonstrate general business knowledge of:
    • types of businesses, competition, business environment, business plans
    • SWOT, functions of management, marketing mix
    • financial statements, accounting cycle, bank reconciliation
    • legislation related to business 
  • Develop a clear, well-organized written, verbal, or PowerPoint presentation on an assigned topic from the course content.
  • Demonstrate general information literacy skills for business research purposes
  • Demonstrate analytical skills (including Excel) necessary to solve business problems
  • Develop a marketing plan and a sponsorship proposal for the Sport/Fitness industry.