Science - Additional Transfer Information

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Transferring to a Four-Year College


Science Laboratory Courses Recommended for Liberal Arts Majors
to fulfill the General Education Requirement


NOTE: Some colleges, such as Rutgers, require a two semester sequence of science courses for transfer. The science department recommends that a student check with the four-year institution before enrolling in any transfer course.


For Colleges that DO NOT require a two semester sequence, choose two courses (one for business majors) from the following list.  Many science courses have prerequisites, please check the college catalog and your degree audit before selecting.  All science courses are 4 credits except where noted.

BS 100 Human Biology
BS 101 Biology I
BS 102 Biology II
BS 103 Anatomy and Physiology I
BS 104 Anatomy and Physiology II
BS 111 Concepts in Biology
BS 203 Microbiology
BS 205 Physiology of Disease      (3 credits)
CH 103 Intro to General & Organic Chemistry
CH 104 Intro to Biochemistry
CH 111 General Chemistry I
CH 112 General Chemistry II
PY 101 College Physics I
PY 102 College Physics II
PY 120 Physics I
PY 121 Physics II
PY 220 Physics III
SC 101 Introduction to Physical Science
SC 104 Environmental Science
SC 105 Astronomy and Space

SC 106 Green Energy
SC 110 Meteorology



A student may also choose from the course sequence outlined below:


For colleges, such as Rutgers, that do require a two semester sequence, choose one of the following pairs. (* indicates that a course has a prerequisite)


BS 101 Biology I and BS 102 - Biology II
CH 111 General Chemistry I* and CH 112 - General Chemistry II*
PY 101 College Physics I* and PY 102 College Physics II*


Click  here for Prerequisite Course List.