Science - Adjunct Faculty

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Adjunct Faculty 

Fall 2015

The Passaic County Community College Science Department employs a number of adjunct faculty. They bring to their classes experience in their respective careers as well as excellence in academics. Adjunct faculty meet the same requirements for education and training as full-time faculty but usually maintain full-time employment in the private sector.

Adjunct faculty can be contacted through the Office of Evening and Special Programs (located in the Broadway Building) or by phone at (973) 684-5302. They can also be contacted by e-mail using campus cruiser. (

If you are interesting in joining our department as an adjunct faculty member, click here.



  • Prof. Ben Bendala
  • Prof. Manni Bhalla
  • Prof. William Calhoun
  • Prof. William Dietsch
  • Prof. Mona Fam
  • Prof. Michael Grabow
  • Prof. William Haines
  • Prof. Ryan Higgins
  • Prof. Ara Kahyaoglu
  • Prof. Vivki Kaiser
  • Prof. Ed Lesser
  • Prof. Robert McDevitt
  • Prof. Kathleen McHugh
  • Prof. Sandra McCleaster
  • Prof. Diana Merkel
  • Prof. Henriette Mozsolitis
  • Prof. Emmanuella Okonkwo
  • Prof. Anthony Oleforoh
  • Prof. John Puleo
  • Prof. Timothy Reilly
  • Prof. Richard Reyes
  • Prof. Diana Saed
  • Prof. Mehdhi Salimi
  • Prof. Eitan Savir
  • Dr. Allan Sills
  • Dr. Margaret Sloan
  • Prof. Andrea Smith
  • Prof. Daniel Strand
  • Prof. Gary Swangin
  • Prof. Joseph Sulner
  • Prof. Naomi Thomas
  • Dr. Alejandro Viera:  Dr. Viera is Chairman of the Biology Department at Miami-Dade Community College in Miami Florida. He can only be contacted through WebCT.