Nursing Licensure

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Nursing Licensure 


The Nurse Education Program has the responsibility to inform applicants contemplating admission to the Program of the possible barriers to future licensure. Graduation from a program does not guarantee admission to the licensure examination.


The New Jersey Board of Nursing has the ultimate responsibility to determine who is eligible for a license to practice nursing in the State of New Jersey and requires that the following criteria be met before an individual may receive an application for a license to practice professional nursing.


The applicant for a license to practice professional nursing shall submit to the Board evidence in such form as the Board may prescribe that the applicant:

  1. has attained his or her eighteenth birthday
  2. is of good moral character, is not a habitual user of drugs, and has never been convicted or has not pleaded nolo contendere, non-vult contendere or non-vult to an indictment, information or complaint alleging a violation of any Federal or State law relating to narcotic drugs
  3. holds a diploma from an accredited four-year high school or the equivalent thereof as determined by the New Jersey State Department of Education
  4. has completed a course of professional nursing study in an accredited school of professional nursing as defined by the Board and holds a diploma from there.


N.J. Board of Nursing Regulation C.45:11-26


NOTE: A criminal history background check is a pre-requisite for licensure as a registered professional nurse. Click here for details.