Math Lab Resources

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Printed Resources


The math lab contains dozens of handouts and worksheets which are indexed according to sections in the textbooks.

Many of the handouts give step-by-step instructions for solving a particular type of problem as well as examples and practice problems.

Students are welcome to review a handout with a math tutor and then take the handout home for future reference.


Alternative textbooks are available for student use. Current textbooks and complete solution manuals for most math courses are available for use in the lab.

For extra practice or additional explanations, textbooks and solution manuals that are no longer in use in the math classes may also be available.

These materials may not be removed from the math lab for any reason.
Photo ID is required to check out these materials.

Program Sheets (Developmental Students)

Developmental students are required to attend lab. They are also given program sheets that must be signed by tutors. Instructors examine these program sheets twice per semester to ensure students are attending lab.

These program sheets are considered 5% of each student’s final grade.

Practice Quizzes and Exams

Packets of practice quizzes and previous exams are available for students to help them prepare for actual quizzes and exams in both pre-college and college level courses.

Students may work on practice quizzes and exams at home or in the math lab.

Tutors have answer keys so that students can check their work.

Together, the lab instructor and students can then review the problems and work on areas the student need to improve.

Solving problems on practice quizzes and exams can also reduce math and test anxiety. Doing math problems ahead of time, can help students become familiar with the types of problems that will be on actual quizzes or exams, discover areas in which they need assistance.

Online Resources

MYMATHLAB: Get 24/7 Math Assistance

Math Lab Computer Facilities

Room U202 -  Seven computer desktops offering:

  • Derive (a  program regularly used by calculus students)
  • Web Assign
  • MyMathLab
  • Excel (for students in statistics courses)
  • MS Word (a writing program useful for students in writing intensive math classes)

Room U303 – 20 desktops
(Note: Students taking developmental courses are expected to attend Room U303)

  • MyMathLab (for developmental courses)
  • MS Word, (for projects in Math 010B and college-level statistics.)
  • Excel