Math Lab General Policies

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Math Lab General Policies

Cell Phone Policy

Everyone entering the Math Lab is expected to be courteous and responsible in the use of cell phones.

Cell phones must be turned off or set to silent mode

All cell phone conversations, even short ones, are to be conducted outside the lab.

Individuals who repeatedly fail to practice cell phone etiquette will no longer be welcome to use Math Lab facilities.

Personal Electronics

Many math courses use multi-media educational materials.  The Math Lab welcomes use of personal electronics for such materials provided students use headphones to prevent distractions to others.

No Food and Drinks in the lab.


The Math Lab is a working lab, so ongoing and active tutoring and discussion of MATH topics, procedures, and problems is expected. Discussion of other topics should be kept quiet and brief to help to maintain an atmosphere conducive to the study and learning of mathematics. Loud or distracting conversations must be held outside. Any extreme behavior will not be tolerated and will lead to immediate removal from the Math Lab.

Take Home Exam and Assignment:

The math Lab staff is unable to assist you in working problems from take home exams, quizzes or extra credit assignments that will be graded by your instructor. The Math Lab staff is happy to assist you with problems from your text that are similar to, but not included in, your take home exam, quizzes or extra credit assignment.