Math Lab FAQ's

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Math Lab FAQ's

Math Lab FAQ's

Where the math tutoring labs are located?

The math labs are located in the Pruden Building room U202 and U303. Tutoring is available during open lab hours Monday through Friday 9am-8pm and Saturday 9am-1pm for developmental and college math level courses.

I have a test in a few hours, and I don't know the material, can a tutor teach it to me?
You have to come prepared prior to seeing a tutor. This means attending class or catching up on a missed lecture by reading the book and/or watching the taped-lectures. Tutors are not allowed to teach but to assist you in the areas that you are having difficulty with it during the allowed time.

I have a take-home test/quiz that my instructor has given me; can a tutor help me with it?
Tutors are not allowed to work on problems given on a take-home test, quiz, or graded assignment unless special permission is given by your instructor. Tutors are allowed to help with a similar problem found by you in your textbook.

If I don't have my textbook with me, is it possible to borrow a textbook from the Math Lab?
Yes, you may use your College ID to check-out a textbook while in the Math Lab.

What should I expect from a tutor?
A tutor is not a substitute for your instructor.  You are expected to attend class regularly.  Prior to a tutoring session, read your textbook and complete as much of your homework as possible.  You will get the greatest benefit from tutoring if you come to the lab with questions about homework that you did not understand.  You should bring your textbook, class notes, old test papers, class handouts, etc.  A tutor provides expertise, experience, and encouragement.  We do not provide "answers," but rather assist in problem solving and helping students find their own answers.

Is the lab equipped with computers?
Yes.  We have 20 computers in room U303 and 7 computers in U202.  Students are welcome to use these computers, If you are working on math homework through MyMathLab, WebAssign, math Projecs or another web-based program.

Can I bring food or drinks to the Math Lab?
Food or drinks are not allowed in the Math lab.

What are tutors not allowed to do?

  • Tutors cannot do the student’s homework.
  • Tutors cannot teach material to students.
  • Tutors cannot help with take-home quizzes or tests.
  • Tutors cannot grade a student’s homework.

What are tutors allowed to do?

  • Tutors can explain concepts behind problems.
  • Tutors can discuss your work on a problem to see if you understand the basic process for problem solving.
  • Tutors can model problem-solving skills.
  • Tutors can assist in locating resources to assist you with math concepts.