FAQ's - Mathematics Department

image displaying bunch of formulas on the blackboard


1. Why do I need to take developmental math classes?


These classes help you to improve weaknesses in certain skill areas. You increase your chances of success in your college level math classes, if you do well in your developmental math courses.

2. Will I get college credit for developmental math classes?

No. You will not get college credit for developmental math classes.

3. Am I required to attend the Math Lab?

Students registered in MA001, MA004, MA006 and MA007 MUST attend the Math Lab at least once a week. Students in all other levels are strongly encouraged to go to the Math Lab for extra help.

4. After I'm done with my developmental math classes, do I need to take any college level math courses?

It depends on what your major is. Check with your faculty advisor or your counselor.

5. Why is it that I understand everything in class, but as soon as class ends, I forget what I learned?

That may be because, with math, students need to apply what they have learned. In other words, DO THE PROBLEMS! WORK HARD!