Medical Coding Certificate - Health Information Management

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Medical Coding Certificate 

For those seeking careers as medical coders, medical reimbursement specialists, and DRG coordinators. Many of the credits earned for this certificate may be applied toward the Associate in Applied Science Degree in Health Information Technology.

Graduates should be able to:

  • Assign valid diagnostic and procedure codes and accurately abstract health care data for statistical and reimbursement purposes
  • Describe the U.S. healthcare delivery system and the reimbursement methodologies used
  • Apply ethical, legal and professional practice standards
  • Communicate effectively with consumers, providers, employees, and other healthcare professionals from diverse backgrounds.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use computer technology for code assignment and validation, case-mix analysis, and reimbursement

Distance Learning

This certificate may be completed through online and/or classroom courses. All courses are offered online. Students may also earn a certificate in Medical Coding by combining online courses from PCCC and equivalent general education courses transferred from a local college.

Curriculum Requirements

  1. Minimum grade of "C" is required for CIS 101 and all HIT and Science courses.
  2. Prior to participation in Professional Practice courses, the following are required:
    • Health form completed by a physician
    • Criminal background check
    • Signed Privacy/Confidentiality statement
    • Other documentation, as may be required by the placement site
  3. Additional requirements - Refer to HIT Program Handbook

Required Courses

General Education Credits
BS 103 Anatomy & Physiology I     4
BS 104 Anatomy & Physiology II     4
BS 205 Physiology of Disease     3
CIS 101 Computer Concepts and Applications     3
EN 101 English Composition I     3
SC 201 Basic Pharmacology     1
Total    18
Required Health Information Technology Courses Credits
HIT 101 Healthcare Organization     2
HIT 104 Healthcare Terminology     3
HIT 108 Health Record Content and Structure     1
HIT 201 ICD-9-CM Coding     4
HIT 216 Coding Professional Practice Experience     2
HIT 221 Advanced ICD-9-CM and Coding Applications  
HIT 231 CPT Coding     3
HIT 240 Principles of Healthcare Reimbursement     3
Total    21

PCCC also offers full certificates in:

  1. Technical Support for Health IT Systems (31 credits)
  2. Implementation and Management in Health IT Systems (36 credits)