ELS Sequence

The English Language Studies Program consists of four levels of language proficiency:
Intermediate I / Intermediate 2 / Advanced 1 / Advanced 2.

Each level consists of skills-based courses in reading, speaking, and writing. The entering
student must take a placement test to determine level of competence in each skill area.

The chart below shows ELS courses by skill level.

In addition  to the required core courses, students are encouraged to enroll  in an elective in Speaking and Pronunciation (ENP 030) at  the intermediate levels to provide them with more practice in speaking the English language.



ELS Classes By Skill
Reading and Oral Communication*  Writing Skills
ENR 020-class
ENR 020L-lab
Intermediate ELS 
Reading and Speaking I
ENW 020 class
ENW 020L-lab
Intermediate Academic
ELS Writing I
ENR 030-class
ENR 030L-lab 
Intermediate ELS
Reading and Speaking II
ENW 030-class
ENW 030L-lab
Intermediate Academic
ELS Writing II
ENR 040-class
ENR 040L-lab  
Advanced ELS 
Reading and Speaking I
ENW 040-class
ENW 040L-lab 
Advanced Academic
ELS Writing I
ENR 107-class
ENR 107-lab
Advanced ELS
Reading and Speaking II
ENW 107-class
ENW 107-lab
Advanced Academic
ELS Writing II
ENP 030-class
ENP 030L-lab 
ELS Pronunciation
and Oral Skills
* ELS students cannot enroll in classes that are two (2) levels apart in a single semester.