Faculty - English Department

Writing feathers and the old box


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Nina-Louise Alsbrook-Jackson
Department Chair
Associate Professor
E-mail: nalsbrook@pccc.edu
Office: E-201
Phone: 973-684-6511
Alan Mitnick
Associate Professor
E-mail: amitnick@pccc.edu
Office:  E-210
Phone:  973-684-6106  
Lorraine Hicks
Administrative Technical Assistant
E-mail: lhicks@pccc.edu
Office: E-210-A
Phone: 973-684-5718
Kelly Bender
Assistant Professor
E-mail: kbender@pccc.edu
Office: E-211
Phone: 973-684- 4974
Alexandra Della Fera
Assistant Professor
E-mail: adellafera@pccc.edu
Office: S-203
Phone: 973-684-6094
Mark Hillringhouse
Assistant Professor

E-mail: mhillringhouse@pccc.edu
Office: Wanaque Campus, A-121
Phone: 973-684-6918
Geoffrey Kenmuir
E-mail: gkenmuir@pccc.edu
Office: E213
Phone: 973-684-6673
Richard Marranca
Assistant Professor
E-mail: rmarranca@pccc.edu
Office: PAC-114
Phone: 973-684-5671
Andrew Pawelczak
Assistant Professor
E-mail: apawelczak@pccc.edu
Office: Founder’s Hall E-213
Phone: 973-684-5615
R.G. Rader
Assistant Professor
E-mail:  rrader@pccc.edu
Office:  E-214
Phone:  973-684-6413
Dr. Christine Redman-Waldeyer 
Associate Professor

E-mail: credman-waldeyer@pccc.edu
Office: A-147
Phone: 973-684-6086
Caffie Jeanette Risher
Assistant Professor
E-mail: crisher@pccc.edu
Office: A-220-A
Phone 973-684-6414
Mark Tambone
Assistant Professor
E-mail: mtambone@pccc.edu
Office: E-210
Phone: 973-684-5547
Glenn D. Klopfenstein
Assistant Professor
E-mail: gklopfenstein@pccc.edu
Office: E-206
Phone: 973-684-5812