Developmental Studies English Lab

Students and instructor in the Lab

Students taking  DE 010 Academic English I and DE 020 Academic English II are also registered for a corresponding English lab.  Each student is required to attend the Developmental English Lab for two hours a week and complete his / her individualized study plan. Students must also sign up for two individual tutoring sessions. The student must attend 10 reading-group sessions, 10 writing-group sessions, and 2 one-on-one sessions, for a total of 22 sessions.
Study Session workshops are offered which provide strategies to improve reading and writing efficiency by building vocabulary and improving basic reading, writing, and study skills. Students may also sign up for individualized tutoring sessions.
Tutors monitor and support students' progress while providing one-on-one tutoring in reading and writing as needed to help students complete their online study plans as well as their reading and writing assignments from the Developmental Studies courses.
Beginning Spring 2017, students must acquire the customized workbook in order to successfully participate in lab sessions. The workbook is only available at the college bookstore.
For more information about the lab in the Developmental Studies department, please visit the Library Guide: